Hire self-programming robots to paint your products.

They see, plan and paint any part, just like humans. No teaching, No programming. Automate your dullest, dirtiest and most dangerous task in your production plan today, allowing you to use your employee to their full potential. Too good to be true? Rent an OmniPainter™ team for 1 month to see for yourself. If you’re not satisfied, just fire them. We bet you won’t.

How does it work?

quick intro to omnirobotic

Omnirobotic is developing Autonomous Industrial Robots. Like autonomous cars, autonomous robots can see their environment, plan and execute a given task by themselves. Unlike current industrial robots, no one has to teach autonomous robots the required sequence of actions or how to move. Omnirobotic is developing Artificial Intelligence so that robots can understand processes, not only repeat an instructed motion. This AI makes them able to perform tasks on any products in real time. As these robots don’t need to be programmed, they can be used on small production lot, even lot of one. Our first product, the OmniPainter™, is adapted to continuous flow finishing lines operation, supporting both powder and liquid coating application. They know how to paint anything!

How it works

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  • Simple

    OmniPainter™ is an Autonomous robot that knows how to paint. No teaching, no programming… ever. It sees, plans and paints just like humans so jig-less, mixed production is what it was built for! OmniPainters™ blend into your layout and workflow, just as a new employee would.

  • Reliable

    OmniPainter™ are available 24/7. They don’t quit. They’re never late. They never call sick. Omnirobotic monitor robot’s health remotely and provide preventive maintenance, so our OmniPainters™ are always ready when your finishing line is.

  • Productive

    OmniPainter™ never get bored or tired. Productivity will increase from 10%-30%. Omnirobotic will provide you the tools to measure those gains, so you don't have to take our word for it.

  • Precise

    OmniPainter™ continuously apply the best painting techniques, virtually eliminating application-related defects.

  • Safe

    Hire an OmniPainter™ team for one month to see for yourself. If you're not satisfied, just fire them. We bet you won’t.